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Publications (print and digital), news and our B2B events cover the wider Thames Valley, Solent and South Coast, and within these regions advertisements and promotional features can be seen by up to 22,000 readers per month.



Print and digital advertising and editorial opportunities are available (starting from £400), as well as event and list sponsorship. It is advisable to discuss your requirements with us so we can tailor a package specifically for your company.  Alternatively you can download our rate card here.

To discuss rates and special packages for the Thames Valley region please contact our head of client relations Peter Laurie on 0118 9843509, email peter@elcot.co.uk or contact our Thames Valley account manager Nathan Inns on 0118 9766417, email nathan@elcot.co.uk

To discuss rates and special packages for the Solent region please contact our south coast business manager Lucinda Lamont on 07387 287450 or email lucinda@elcot.co.uk

For advertisement deadlines and forward features, contact our production manager Steve Banbury on 0118 9766414 or email steve@elcot.co.uk

For digital and technical enquiries email our content manager Dan Teuton at dan@elcot.co.uk

For social media enquiries email our marketing & social media manager Amanda Strange at amanda@elcot.co.uk