Coronavirus: Royal Berkshire Hospital plea to Reading businesses

An appeal from Royal Berkshire Hospital to Reading businesses:

Many businesses in and around Reading have been forced to temporarily cease or restrict their operations due to coronavirus restrictions. At the same time many of you have been in touch with us to ask how you and your staff who are not able to work as normal can help with the response to the crisis.

The health and care system is facing particular pressure and the Royal Berkshire Hospital has identified a number of roles where help is urgently needed to provide additional resilience in the following areas:

  • Porters
  • Stores
  • Domestic (cleaning)
  • Catering staff
  • Welfare facilities
  • Management (operational and senior)

If you are a business or an individual in a position to help in these areas you can contact Covid.deployment&  or call the hospital’s coordinating team on 07500 835 565. The hospital is offering a range of paid casual working as well as volunteering opportunities.