Disposal of Complete IT

    Submission Date: 12/08/19 Completion Date: 31/07/19 Target: Complete IT Acquirer: Sharp Electronics (Europe) Value (where disclosed): confidential Deal Description: IBB acted the for selling shareholders of Complete IT on the disposal to Sharp Electronics.  Complete IT provides market leading IT support to SMEs nationwide and will continue to operate as an independent business under its [...]


    Sale of Whiteleaf Holdings Limited

    Submission Date: 21/05/19 Completion Date: 03/19 Target: Whiteleaf Holdings Ltd Acquirer: MBO/MBI


    Project Castle

    Submission Date: 17/05/19 Completion Date: 02/04/19 Target: HTC Group. The target is a diverse business, which primarily acts as a wholesaler of bulk supplements in the UK, specialising in health and sports nutrition. Acquirer: MCI Health Investments Limited Value (where disclosed): confidential Deal Description: Adam Dowdney, Partner and head of IBB’s Corporate Commercial team, led [...]


    Project Route

    Submission Date: 07/05/19 Completion Date: 02/04/19 Target: The Tomato Plant Company Limited. The target specialises in drainage, tankering, jetting, CCTV, lining and various other draining activities in the UK


    Project Valley

    Submission Date: 03/04/19 Completion Date: 19/03/19 Target: Veeqo Limited Acquirer: Octopus Investments


    Project Ipala

    Submission Date: 03/04/19 Completion Date: 05/03/19 Target: Invenio Business Solutions Acquirer: BGF


    Project Cape

    Submission Date: 03/04/19 Completion Date: 15/03/19 Target: Building Services Group Ltd Acquirer: Syntegra Group Ltd


    Moorcrofts advises Endorsed Group Limited, on multi-million pound corporate reorganisation

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Target: Chapman Black and Elliot Browne Groups. Acquirer:  Endorsed Group Limited 


    Moorcrofts LLP advises on demerger of Extrinsica Global’s intelligent automation software business

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Deal Value: Not disclosed


    Moorcrofts advise Conduit Mead on multi-million-pound corporate reorganisation

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Deal Value: Not disclosed


    Moorcrofts LLP advises on Mintec sale

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Completion Date: 15/12/2018 Target: Mintec Deal Value: £17 million


    Moorcrofts LLP advise ‘The Standing CT Company Limited’ on Crowdfunding Investment

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Target: Crowdfunding investment round through the SEEDRS crowdfunding platform. Acquirer: The Standing CT Company Limited Deal Value: Not disclosed


    Moorcrofts LLP advises ex-Gurkha founded, utility company on latest investment round

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Acquirer:  GnERGY Deal Value: £2 Million


    Moorcrofts advises technology company Flexion Mobile on NASDAQ listing

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Target: NASDAQ First North market Listing Deal Value: Not disclosed


    Moorcrofts advises Big Sky on strategic purchase of London photographic studios.

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Completion Date: 27/7/2018 Target: ProVision Studios, comprising of two photographic studios, adding to their portfolio of unique spaces for premium content creation. Acquirer: Big Sky Studios


    Moorcrofts advises market research business, MMR, on acquisition of Ideal Insight

    Submission Date: 23/01/19 Target: Creative video and visual design agency, Ideal Insight. Acquirer: Mathematical Market Research (MMR)


    MHA MacIntyre Hudson advises transport and logistics business, Crown Worldwide Limited, on acquisition of Premier Moves Limited.

    Submission Date: 22/01/19 Completion Date: 11/18 Target: Premier Moves Limited


    Project Nation

    Submission Date: 16/01/19 Completion Date: 17/12/18 Target: The Hiremech brand has been a successful independent dealer in North London for over two decades, specialising in hiring, trading and servicing fork lift trucks.


    Sale of International Logistics Group (ILG)

    Submission Date: 11/01/19 Completion Date: 07/18 Target: International Logistics Group (ILG) Acquirer: Yusen Logistics


    MBO of Heatmat supported by Heatcom

    Submission Date: 11/01/19 Completion Date: 09/18 Target: Heat Mat Ltd Acquirer: Management Team


    Sale of BOFA International

    Submission Date: 11/01/19 Completion Date: 13/09/18 Target: BOFA International Acquirer: Donaldson Company


    Sale and MBO of Total Rail Solutions supported by Rutland Partners

    Submission Date: 11/01/19 Completion Date: 16/11/18 Target:  Total Solutions (Southern) Ltd Acquirer: Rutland Partners


    MBO of S:CRAFT backed by Beechbrook Capital

    Submission Date: 10/01/19 Completion Date: 14/12/18 Target:  Shuttercraft Limited (S:CRAFT) Acquirer: Beechbrook Capital


    MBO of Miles 33 Limited

    Submission Date: 09/01/19 Completion Date: 28/11/18 Target:  Miles 33 Group Limited Acquirer: MBO backed by Ethos Partners


    Whistl Acquisition of Spark Ecommerce Group

    Submission Date: 09/01/19 Completion Date: 12/18 Target:  Spark Ecommerce Group Limited Acquirer: Whistl UK Limited


    Project Nation

    Submission Date: 07/01/19 Completion Date: 17/12/18 Target: Ardmore Language Schools Limited including its UK subsidiaries Ardmore Education Limited, Ardmore Education, Travel Limited, and US subsidiary Ardmore Schools Inc. (the “Ardmore Group”). 


    Project Motion

    Submission Date: 21/12/18 Completion Date: 30/11/18 Target: ConneXion World Cargo Acquirer: AIT Worldwide Logistics


    Spectrum Corporate Finance advises on the MBO of AJM Healthcare

    Submission Date: 21/11/18 Acquirer: AJM Healthcare


    Spectrum Corporate Finance advises Arden Group on the sale of the business to babble cloud

    Submission Date: 12/11/18 Target: Arden Group Acquirer: babble cloud


    Spectrum Corporate Finance advises the shareholders of Brand View on the sale to Ascential plc

    Submission Date: 02/11/18 Target: Brand View Acquirer: Ascential plc


    Sale of issued share capital

    Submission Date: 01/11/18 Target: G2E Management Ltd Acquirer: TMD Technologies Limited 


    Sale of Ghana subsidiary

    Submission Date: 10/10/18 Completion Date: N/A Target: Cofco Holdings PTE Limited


    Acquisition of the Webtrends Optimize business from Webtrends Inc.

    Submission Date: 10/10/18 Completion Date: N/A Acquirer: Accelerate Group Limited


    Acquisition of F.J.E. Plastic Developments

    Submission Date: 15/08/18 Completion Date: N/A Target: F.J.E. Plastic Developments Acquirer: The Celli Group


    Project Nemo

    Submission Date: 09/08/18 Completion Date: 07/18 Target: Space & Time Media Limited Acquirer: Management Team


    iDefigo Group Limited

    Submission Date: 05/07/18 Completion Date: 28/06/18 Target: iDefigo Group Limited Acquirer: Chelverton Asset Management


    The Inn Collection Group

    Submission Date: 28/06/18 Completion Date: 19/18 Target: The Inn Collection Group Acquirer: Alchemy Partners


    Sale of Grosvenor Systems

    Submission Date: 22/06/18 Completion Date: 05/18 Target: Grosvenor Systems Ltd Acquirer: Volaris Group


    Principle Cleaning Services

    Submission Date: 17/05/18 Completion Date: 05/18 Target: Principle Cleaning Services Acquirer: Management Buy Out


    Investment in HEL Limited

    Submission Date: 08/05/18 Completion Date: 04/04/18 Target: HEL Limited Acquirer: Connection Capital through its investor client base


    Investment in Geotech Soil Stabilisation

    Submission Date: 08/05/18 Completion Date: 11/04/18 Target: Geotech Soil Stablisation Acquirer: Mobeus


    Project Kent

    Submission Date: 24/04/18 Completion Date: 08/03/18 Target: Xstrahl Group Acquirer: Risk Capital Partners


    City Pantry

    Submission Date: 20/04/18 Completion Date: 10/04/18 Target: City Pantry Acquirer: Octopus Investments


    E-Leather investment

    Completion Date: 09/02/18 Target: E-Leather

    Ocean Intelligent Communications

    Completion Date: 12/03/18 Target: Ocean Intelligent Communications Acquirer: CANCOM

    Legal & General takeover of CALA Homes

    Completion Date: 12/03/18 Target: CALA Homes Acquirer: Legal & General

    MBO of Tempcover

    Completion Date: 12/17 Target: Tempcover Acquirer: Connection Capital LLP


    Sale of Burgon & Ball

    Completion Date: 01/18 Target: Burgon & Ball Acquirer: Venanpri Tools


    Acquisitions of TecServ and Reintec

    Completion Date: 11/17 Target: TecServ and Reintec Acquirer: Industrial Cleaning Equipment


    Sale of ICS Cool Energy

    Completion Date: 01/18 Target: ICS Cool Energy Acquirer: Ingersoll Rand


    Meridian CF – Project Abbey

    Completion Date: 01/02/18 Target: The Quarr Group Ltd Acquirer: Management Team

    Meridian CF – Project Sparks

    Completion Date: 01/02/18 Target: R&M Electrical Group Ltd Acquirer: Management Team

    Project Helios

    Completion Date: 01/02/18 Target: the Santon Group via the purchase of its holding company EWAC Holdings BV Acquirer: discoverIE Group plc (via its subsidiary, Acal Europe Holding B.V.)

    Project California

    Completion Date: 21/12/17 Target: Revital Acquirer: BGF


    Crabtree PM and its group of companies

    Completion Date: 22/12/17 Target: Crabtree PM and its group of companies Acquirer: Carranview

    Investment by BGF in Coopland & Son (Scarborough)

    Completion Date: 11/12/17 Target: Investment by BGF in Coopland & Son (Scarborough)

    Mother Goose Nursery

    Completion Date: 01/11/17 Target: Mother Goose Nursery Acquirer: Woodside Trading

    Airwave Europe

    Completion Date: 30/11/17 Target: Airwave Europe Acquirer: SCCI Alphatrack

    Bell Flow Systems

    Completion Date: 30/11/17 Target: Bell Flow Systems Acquirer: Bell Flow Systems Holdings

    The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

    Completion Date: 11/17 Target: The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

    Salters Farms

    Completion Date: 17/11/17 Target: Salters Farms Acquirer: Highmoon Developments


    Completion Date: 01/11/17 Target: Concise Acquirer: PSAV, Inc

    Bellcom UK

    Completion Date: 29/09/17 Target: Bellcom UK Acquirer: Indigo Telecom Group


    Completion Date: 19/09/17 Target: Bushbay Acquirer: J&S Lyle Holdings

    NT CADCAM Group

    Completion Date: 14/08/17 Target: NT CADCAM Group Acquirer: Solid Solutions Management


    Completion Date: 17/07/17 Target: Crystallon Acquirer: Bordeaux Acquisition

    MBO of Rowan International

    Completion Date: 12/2017 Target: Rowan International 


    Acturis acquires ICE InsureTech

    Completion Date: 11/2017 Target: ICE Insuretech Acquirer: Acturis Group


    Project Hugo

    Completion Date: 13/11/17 Target: Smiths of Smithfield Acquirer: Young & Co’s Brewery plc

    Project Snowdon

    Completion Date: 01/12/17 Target: Gatehouse Consulting Acquirer: Risk & Reward Group (Holdings

    Project Churchill

    Completion Date: 05/12/17 Target: Education Personnel Management Acquirer: Citation Holdings

    Project Leo

    Completion Date: 23/11/17 Target: Call Vision Technologies and Emercom Acquirer: Capita plc

    Project Thicket

    Completion Date: 01/12/17 Target: Shaw Healthcare (Group) Acquirer: Bridges Evergreen Capital LP

    Project George

    Completion Date: 08/11/17 Target: S.A.Brain & Company portfolio Acquirer: Butcombe Brewery

    Project Bolt

    Completion Date: 24/11/17 Target: Building Supplies Online Acquirer: Cairngorm Capital Partners LLP

    Project Plover

    Completion Date: 01/12/17 Target: Lakeview Computers  Group Acquirer: Kerridge Commercial Systems

    Redstor Holdings investment from Beech Tree Private Equity

    Completion Date: 20/11/17 Target: Redstor Holdings Acquirer: Beech Tree Private Equity

    Project Haddock

    Completion Date: 13/11/17 Target: Hotdocs Acquirer: Abacus Data Systems Inc

    Panoramic Growth Equity investment in chemical manufacturers

    Completion Date: 01/11/17 Target: Majestic Polymers and DSA Chemicals Investor: Panoramic Growth Equity

    Sale of Arts Alliance Media

    Completion Date: 11/17 Target: Arts Alliance Media Acquirer: Luxin-Rio


    Investment by LDC into IP Solutions

    Completion Date: 10/17 Target: IP Solutions Acquirer: LDC


    Sale of Tructyre Fleet Management

    Completion Date: 10/17 Target: Tructyre Fleet Management Acquirer: Michelin Group


    Sale of Bridge Fire and Security

    Completion Date: 01/11/17 Target: Bridge Fire and Security Acquirer: Thomas Wood Holdings

    Sale of ICE InsureTech, part of Hubio Technologies

    Completion Date: 11/17 Target: ICE InsureTech Acquirer: Acturis Group


    Investment in TRX by Edge

    Completion Date: 10/2017 Target: Dial Square 86


    Sale of LFO Properties

    Completion Date: 02/11/17 Target: LFO Properties Acquirer: Taylor Wimpey UK

    Project Phoenix

    Completion Date: 13/11/17 Target: Phoenix 2 (Cumbria) Acquirer: Micheldever Tyre Services

    Sale of Penyards Property Management

    Completion Date: 31/10/17 Target: Penyards Property Management Limited Acquirer: Romans Group

    Acquisition of Xtrac Transmissions

    Completion Date: 16/10/17 Target: Xtrac Transmissions (Holdings) Acquirer: Inflexion Private Equity


    Disposal of Key2Futures

    Completion Date: 10/2017 Target: Key2Futures Acquirer: Horizon Care and Education Group


    Project Graduation

    Completion Date: 27/10/17 Target: Class Tours Acquirer: RJD Partners

    Sale of Whiteleaf Holdings LimitedSubmission Date: 21/05/19 Completion Date: 03/19 Target: Whiteleaf Holdings Ltd Acquirer: MBO/MBI Read more Project RouteSubmission Date: 07/05/19 Completion Date: 02/04/19 Target: The Tomato Plant Company Limited. The target specialises in drainage, tankering, jetting, CCTV, lining and various other draining activities in the UK Read more Project IpalaSubmission Date: 03/04/19 Completion [...]

    Share purchase

    Target: Safe N Sound (Uxbridge) Acquirer: Company and David Overton

    Sale of Elvis Communications

    Completion Date: 14/09/17 Target: Elvis Communications Acquirer: The Next 15 Group

    RT Motion Systems

    Completion Date: 25/09/17 Target: RT Motion Systems Acquirer: The Vitec Group plc

    Purchase of SRJ Homes

    Completion Date: 20/10/17 Target: SRJ Homes Acquirer: Thrive Homes

    Project Trumpton

    Completion Date: 09/17 Target: Miller & Co (Insurance Brokers) Acquirer: Finch Commercial Insurance Brokers

    Project Thames

    Completion Date: 09/17 Target: Triple Red Acquirer: Edstrom Industries LLC

    Project Tetra

    Completion Date: 09/17 Target: 4titude Acquirer: Brooks Automation Inc

    Project Royal Oak

    Completion Date: 09/17 Target: The Royal Oak Inn Trading Acquirer: Butcombe Brewery