Dorset: Green Deal assessments double reports Goadsby

Total Green Deal assessments more than doubled in April, with 9,500 assessments being lodged during the month, as the Coalition’s energy efficiency programme was getting into gear, according to Dorset-based commercial property agent Goadsby. 

This brings the total number of Green Deal assessments carried out in the first three months of Green Deal to almost 19,000, said Ian Moore at Goadsby.

“According to figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 9,522 Green Deal assessments were lodged in April compared to 7,465 assessments in March, and 1,803 from the late January start up to the end of February.

Total assessments were 18,816 to the end of April, compared to 9,268 to the end of March.

“Progress slowed in Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) contracts, but that was following big growth last month. The value of contracts had almost tripled in March to £68.9 million from £26.9m at the end of February, but growth steadied in April, with £16.6m worth of contracts let through the ECO brokerage system, bringing the total since January 1, 2013, to £85.5m.

“The number of Green Deal participants also continues to grow steadily. The Department of Energy and Climate Change reveals there are now 152 Green Deal advice organisations and 1,274 individual Green Deal advisers. There are also 942 installers and 55 providers, compared to 831 and 48 last month.”