Entrepreneur Country Forum event unveiled

The Entrepreneur Country Forum on February 27 looks at why every one of us needs to come together to build the ‘new common sense’.  The full-day event, recommended by 97% of delegates that attended the last Forum, is themed around how technology and digital enablers are now driving the world, with entrepreneurs leading the way in bringing the new common sense to life.

Held at the Royal Institution in Albermarle Street, London, the Entrepreneur Country Forum runs from 9am to 6pm and will include speakers ranging from Dr Mike Lynch, the founder of Autonomy, to Ed Bussey, founder and CEO of iTrigga.

Under the theme, “A New Common Sense Emerges”, the organisers say: “It is understanding this new common sense that separates those that give up and those that keep going. And it is the entrepreneurs that are able to convince corporates and large firms of the new common sense that allows everyone, big and small, to emerge as winners.”

Entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and small and medium-sized business owners are welcome to attend The Entrepreneur Country Forum, where the organisers will reveal what ‘the new common sense’ is and how to use it to your best advantage.

The event promises to teach delegates how to tune into the market, find out the gaps and imagine, build and deploy. And, more importantly, delegates can network with fellow business leaders and hear from an outstanding line-up of high profile entrepreneurial speakers, who are persistent and courageous enough to change the way society works forever.

Resources: The Entrepreneur Country Forum website