Accounts payable has been reimagined

    APtimise, a new innovative software tool, means business owners can now spend more time focusing on their businesses and less time processing invoices.

    It goes without saying that managing a business offers its fair share of paperwork, cashflow concerns, relationship building and burning the midnight oil. The good news is that with technology evolving all the time, various accounting software tools are available on the market to help business owners with some of these tasks and run their firms more effectively.

    The introduction of innovative software into the mix to support business owners to make invoice processing and payments simpler and more automated has not been so apparent however, until now with the launch of APtimise onto the market.

    The UK’s first fully automated accounts payable system, APtimise lets business owners automate their accounts payable process in four easy steps (capture, match, approve and pay) so freeing up valuable time and allowing them to focus on what’s important to grow their business.

    An automatic solution for super-efficient invoice processing and payments

    APtimise’s automation means all email or paper invoices can be captured and validated, matched to PO numbers with any issues flagged for attention. Crucially, suppliers don’t need to change their processes or adapt their invoice formats.


    “By automating the paying of invoices, businesses can improve their productivity, and reduce the time it takes to process invoices and make supplier payments,” explained Sergio Tzianos, founder and head of APtimise. 

    “APtimise is currently the only software in the UK that automates invoice processing and integrates with the bank account for seamless payments, all of which happens in one simple, cloud-based platform,” he added. “And crucially, it offers high levels of security.”

    Available to business owners who have a NatWest business or NatWest corporate current account with a monthly fee based on invoice volumes, APtimise’s intelligent payment scheduling also means business owners don’t need to pay suppliers earlier than they need to. The software integrates with the business owner’s bank and card accounts so that payment runs can be easily created and completed, with APtimise suggesting the best payment date. And to add to the seamlessness of APtimise, business suppliers will be automatically notified about their due payments by email.

    So, building those critical supplier relationships is also a benefit of APtimise, as Tzianos explained: “It’s easier to make payments on time and keep suppliers informed with the automated notifications.

    “The main benefit of APtimise is that it allows business owners to manage their accounts payable processes simply, easily and without worry,” he added. “With APtimise, all purchase orders, invoices and payments are available digitally with full audit trails.”

    Indeed, business owners could choose to automate as much of their accounts payable process as they want, tailoring workflows as required.

    Welcome to a stress-free approvals process

    One of the many time-saving benefits of APtimise is that it makes it very easy for the right people in the business to approve the payment of invoices, wherever they are during the working day. Staff have the option to approve invoices on their mobile phone or by email without needing to access the APtimise platform.

    Tzianos continued: “The beauty of APtimise is that it has the ability to transform what could be a pedestrian accounts payable function into a real value centre for the business.

    “Evidence suggests that 80% of UK suppliers welcome early payments in exchange for discounts. APtimise gives business owners the ability to maximise any discounts by processing invoices more quickly.” 

    Integration made quick and easy

    When it comes to integration, APtimise links with other software providers including Sage 50, Sage 200, XERO and Quickbooks.

    Tzianos pointed out that the best way for business owners to get to know how APtimise could help their business is to book a 60-minute webinar demonstration with an APtimise consultant: “A webinar lets business owners see for themselves how APtimise could help support their firm and how the software could help reduce any payment errors, for example, as no manual keying is required.”

    So, if you’re a business owner, give APtimise a try and spend less time processing invoices and more time growing your business.


    To book a short webinar demo, visit the website or send an email: