Enter the HWYE competition – you’ve nothing to lose

    If you think your business is doing OK this autumn, remember that even trees that have flourished can lose their leaves and become bare once more

    The point is, nothing is perfect and things can always be improved. From your product offering to your service, never stop innovating if you want to survive.

    Ask how you can do things differently to be better? Don’t be afraid to fail, as long as you learn from it. And always put your customers at the heart of what you do.

    One way that you can help your business to grow is to market it well. Even when your order book is full and you’re busy don’t be complacent about making what you offer visible to potential customers.

    Another way of presenting your business to the world is to enter it into competitions like our Haines Watts Young Entrepreneur award.*

    Jane Gregory of Haines Watts explains: “You can’t fail by applying – you’ll learn more about yourself and your business. And everyone chosen to attend this year’s finals on November 16 will receive a cash prize, mentoring and free publicity – so you’ve nothing to lose but plenty to gain.”

    Finalists also have the opportunity to share experiences with their fellow contestants on the day, as well as hear ideas from speakers who are themselves, successful entrepreneurs.

    Hurry, because the competition closes on September 30. Entry is free – just go online at hwye.co.uk and fill in the application form. Applicants must have been in business for over a year but there is no lower age limit.

    So show us your entrepreneurial flair – you may be the best of the crop this year.

    Last year’s HWYE finalists with entrepreneur and speaker Simon Biltcliffe (centre)

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