Eric Travels up the M3 Corridor

    While many professional service firms are downsizing, streamlining or merging with other businesses to increase their reach, Eric Robinson Solicitors is continuing its rapid expansion on its own.

    Last year, one of the largest independent law firms in Hampshire broke out of the Southampton region’s ‘SO postcode’ that housed six of its offices by opening a seventh in the heart of Basingstoke. Now, Eric Robinson Solicitors has announced the securing of its eighth office in the Berkshire town of Bracknell. So what has provoked this move northwards along the M3 corridor?

    ‘In short, opportunity,’ says Thomas Hunt, the Partner responsible for both offices. ‘Our decision to expand came as a result of new clients taking an interest from outside our already booming catchment area leading to research into possible new locations that would best serve them and, finally, a period of market analysis focussing on what having a physical presence in these new areas could bring to the firm.’

    The firm’s innovation doesn’t stop with new premises. In the newly opened Basingstoke offices, Eric Robinson Solicitors is introducing new opening hours, 7 days a week.

    ‘As the Basingstoke office is at the entrance of the Festival Place shopping complex, we felt we should embrace the opening hours of our neighbours in retail and be available when a lot of people have the time to come in for legal advice.’

    And the new policy has proved increasingly popular with corporate clients.

    ‘We have received a great deal of interest and praise from SMEs and family businesses who appreciate the flexibility of coming to see us at weekends, so they can concentrate on their customers, suppliers and earning activities Monday to Friday. Whilst many firms say they are available whenever they are needed, this important demographic of business still values having someone physically present to talk things through in person.’

    Now with the Bracknell office opening in the spring as part of the Berkshire town’s rejuvenation project, Eric Robinson Solicitors has made its first move outside of Hampshire.

    ‘When you walk around the town in which our new office will reside, you can feel a buzz in the air. There is huge investment, great excitement and we are delighted to be part of it.’