Providing answers to your legal questions

    This edition's question answered by Ami Bhatt, senior solicitor Q  I am a designated member of an LLP which is in financial difficulties, what do I need to be aware of? Until recently, it was commonly understood that the rights and obligations of a designated member are set out either in an LLP agreement or [...]

    Stantec engineers a brighter future

    Paul Reilly, managing director of infrastructure and buildings at Stantec, UK, talked to The Business Magazine about how Thames Valley-based Peter Brett Associates became part of the Canadian global design and consulting giant.

    Changing the way we work and live our lives

    The Covid-19 pandemic has immeasurably impacted the way that we work and live our lives. Malcolm Thixton, lead partner at BDO LLP in Southampton gives a perspective from the viewpoint of the Central South.

    Why every business now needs cyber insurance

    With millions of employees working from home across the UK during the Covid 19 lockdown, business owners are hard-pressed to respond to the variety of risks that even the most well-prepared organisations are facing, writes Vincent Kenneth, CEO, Cyber Covered.

    How big will be the impact of 5G for businesses?

    Over the past year, you will have heard a lot of talk about 5G and what it means for the future of mobile communications. 5G – so-called because it is the fifth generation of mobile network technology – is much faster than previous 4G and 3G iterations with download speeds comparable to broadband, writes Tim […]

    Adapting to a post-lockdown world

    For many business owners, the disruption of the coronavirus crisis has been a period of reflection and consideration, writes Peter Wright, partner, Haines Watts, Farnborough.

    Solent 250 webinar: Dame Kelly Holmes on mental health and wellbeing

    Legendary Double Olympic Champion, multiple global medalist and award-winning athlete Dame Kelly Holmes hosted an inspiring virtual Solent 250 webinar on mental health. As well as talking candidly about her personal experience in elite sport and the British Army, she also discussed an employee-focused mental health app she helped create for businesses.

    10th birthday for local recruitment specialists

    Founders of local recruitment firm Chilworth Partnership, Rod Hutchings, head of interim practice, and Richard Carter, head of CFO and leadership search practice, together with fellow director Ruth Snell are celebrating Chilworth’s 10th anniversary this September.

    Investing in innovation

    Southampton Science Park continues to be a beacon of success in the south. Home to around 100 successful science and technology businesses, from start-ups to industry-leading multinationals, the University of Southampton Science Park is a place where innovative ideas become successful commercial enterprises which positively impact societies around the world. Despite a challenging year for [...]

    Automation everywhere enables better innovation

    Businesses are operating in an unprecedented time of turbulence and disruption, writes Ultima.

    Oxford cybersecurity startup Traced uses AI to stop mobile threats

    In the past few years computer viruses have changed from being a serious irritant for businesses to a potentially existential threat. To understand why, just look at the news from the first week of August this year. 

    5G: Crucial for the future of work

    5G is yet to take the world by storm, however lockdown is igniting a passion for remote working that makes it crucial for the future of work.

    Tackling the educational attainment gap

    The pros and cons of the lockdown will continue to be argued for years to come. Sadly, one area where there is no argument concerns the educational attainment gap. All children have had their educational development stultified by the lockdown. However, the evidence is unambiguous that children from more disadvantaged backgrounds have been most adversely affected. 

    Solent 250 webinar: Making your business fit for purpose in the new normal

    Are you ready for the new normal? The second in our series of Solent 250 webinars explored some of the tax, HR and legal matters for managing in a post-lockdown world. The in-depth webinar focused on a range of topics from the indirect tax impacts on Covid-19 induced business model changes, workforce management and making […]

    The Solent 250 programme continues with a range of webinars

    June 25 kick started the first in a series of webinars for the Solent 250 businesses. Sponsors CMA, HSBC UK, Irwin Mitchell and RSM have put together a programme of webinars covering a range of current topics to bring relevant updates to the business community. The first session covered the impacts of the current Covid-19 […]

    How technology can help engage your teams – wherever they are

    An engaged, motivated workforce is vital to the success of any business, and a challenge to achieve at the best of times. For many organisations, that challenge has become more difficult to meet in recent months as teams that were previously office-based are now working remotely, writes Tim Walker, MD, Aura Technology.