Investing in the future

    As the city’s second largest employer, the University of Southampton makes a significant contribution to Southampton and the wider south coast region.

    Latest estimates indicate that it generates around £900 million GVA and supports 14,000 jobs in Southampton alone, with the figures increasing to £1.2 billion and over 19,000 jobs when taken across the region.

    Through its education, research and enterprise activities, the University is a hub for innovation and excellence. Two examples of its draw for business include the move, in 2014, by marine specialists Lloyd’s Register of its Global Technology Centre to the University’s Boldrewood Innovation Campus, creating the largest university-business partnership in the UK; and the ongoing success of the University’s Science Park, which is home to around 100 companies.

    Now the University of Southampton is about to start what is arguably the most ambitious investment programme in its 155-year history. It plans to invest £600m over the next decade in state-of-the-art buildings and facilities.


    To enable this to happen, it successfully raised a £300m bond earlier this year, receiving a ringing endorsement from investors and achieving record low interest rates. The investment will ensure that Southampton can offer world-leading facilities for years to come.

    Already a number of major construction projects are underway across the city. These include a new teaching and learning building on the University’s Highfield Campus, a national infrastructure laboratory at its Boldrewood Campus and the iconic new facility adjacent to Southampton General Hospital which will be the UK’s first dedicated Centre for Cancer Immunology.

    As well as investing in facilities, the University of Southampton continues to offer opportunities for local businesses through its enterprise activities.  It works extensively with industry, and is the top placed university in the UK for the value of its business partnerships through consulting services, and second in the UK for the value of its partnerships with small and medium-sized companies.


    Centre for Cancer Immunology

    For local businesses wishing to work with the University, it has a dedicated department to assist with and facilitate academic collaborations, industrial interactions, knowledge transfer and access to the University’s facilities.

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