MAATS Tech laying out the future

    MAATS Tech were delighted to receive The Business Magazine’s Solent 250 Award for Innovation earlier this year, particularly due to operating for the past few years in the tough market of oil and gas.

    MAATS has seen downturns in this sector before but took the opportunity to diversify into the renewable energy market where its portfolio of products could be adapted with minimal impact to the business.

    MAATS delivered equipment back in 2012 for newbuild vessel Lewek Connector (now known as Connector) which was capable of handling either cable or flexible pipe lay projects. This consisted of a 6000te on deck carousel, 3000te under deck carousel, and 10te, 5te and 3te tensioners. The vessel’s first project consisted of laying two power cables and a fibre optic cable in the Irish Sea and proved a way forward for the business in this new complementary market.

    More recently, MAATS designed, built and delivered equipment for the cable layer NKT Victoria and is currently preparing for the delivery of equipment to Sri Lanka for a Japanese cable layer and finalising the commissioning on the Living Stone vessel in the Netherlands all of which are the next generation of cable layers.


    MAATS philosophy is to start projects early with the end client alongside the design house to ensure that the client’s operational needs are recognised and included through all the major design decisions. MAATS relationship built up over many years with key suppliers and subcontractors to assist with the project delivery has enabled the business to flex to demand.

    Managing director Lisa Edwards said: “Investing in our people and continuing R&D in our engineering and design is important to ensure the company continues to thrive.”

    MAATS continues to look forward to the future for innovation and delivery of their engineering expertise.