New venture promises greater, faster access to funding for SME and mid-corporate companies in central south

    Two well-known Central South figures have left the world of banking after more than 20 years, to launch FiftySeven, an independent commercial finance and banking consultancy, tailored to the needs of the region’s businesses.

    Alison Trant and Jeremy Richards have founded FiftySeven, in order to put their extensive knowledge, experience and network of contacts to serve the rapidly changing banking and funding market.  SME, mid-corporate borrowers and commercial property borrowers may not be aware of the range of commercial funding options opening up to them, and even when are, they may find it increasingly challenging and time-consuming to access them. FiftySeven exists to provide ambitious businesses with guidance, support and solutions for funding their growth plans.

    “Between us, we have 40 years’ business experience in the region, working in commercial and corporate teams in High Street Banks and major UK accounting firms.” says Trant. 

    “In the past few years, we have increasingly recognised that, whilst SME’s and mid-corporates in this region have more opportunity than ever to fund or to refinance their businesses, they don’t usually have the time or the knowledge to access it.”

    Richards adds, “SME’s and mid-corporates need somewhere to turn to for knowledge, support and advice. FiftySeven is designed to be that place.

    “We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporates and have developed a good understanding of what finance is required at all stages of a business life cycle. We have unrivalled access to over 200 commercial and corporate funders. We will be investing a great deal of time in getting to know clients’ needs at the outset, saving them time and effort in sourcing the right solutions.”

    FiftySeven is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and offers a range of services such as commercial mortgages, working capital, asset finance and cashflow loans, as well as tailoring solutions where the norm doesn’t fit.

    Alison Trant and Jeremy Richards

    “Business owners need certainty, especially right now. We are very determined individuals,” promises Trant, “and if we can see a business opportunity is right for funding, we will help them find the solution.”

    For more infomation go to the website or contact Alison Trant or Jeremy Richards:

    01794 874146