News from the list

    Welcome to a regular Solent 250 column, bringing together news about our annual campaign and the companies in our 250 listing.


    • Clearvision, the software services company headquartered in Southampton, and number 202 in our Solent 250, has reported another year of record growth.

    Turnover at Clearvision rose to more than £22 million at the end of 2017 (from £17.3m in its previous financial year) a 27% YOY increase. 

    Founder and CEO Gerry Tombs attributes the significant growth to the continued trend for digital transformation across all business types and size, as well as Clearvision’s innovations and expansion into new areas, in particular its capability to take teams and technology to the cloud. The independently-owned business operates across five locations, with headquarters in Southampton, and employs 90 people.

    In addition to maintaining strong relationships with existing clients, Clearvision gained more than 100 new clients in 2017, including Apple, Fox, Bentley, Blackberry, BT TV, Money Supermarket and Playtech Software.

    Tombs added: “While we’ve enjoyed year-on-year growth as a business, this last financial year has been particularly strong for us and is set to continue.

    “It’s widely accepted that software is empowering the world and almost all large corporations have now actually become software development companies. Software development has become instrumental to all business. 

    “The speed of change, especially in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) space, means there is increasing demand for our breadth of services and skills to enable businesses to not only implement changes necessary to keep up in today’s digitalised world but to drive through innovation and stay ahead. The number of businesses calling on our expertise in hosting Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an upward trend that’s set to gather even more pace in the coming year.  

    “While we work with businesses of all sizes, as an enterprise-certified Atlassian platinum solution partner we continue to attract large enterprises and the public sector – providing consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training and support packages for JIRA, Confluence and the rest of the Atlassian stack.”

    • Companies in the Solent 250 list meet on Monday March 19 for a private dinner at the Harbour Hotel, Ocean Village, Southampton. Special guest speaker will be renowned workplace consultant Kursty Groves.