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    We are already two months into 2019 and what a year so far. With the new upcoming projects and development in Slough we have certainly seen a rise in the need for serviced offices and meeting rooms, writes Sian Warner of Regal Court Business Centre.


    In the month of January Regal Court Business Centre had four new clients take up space in a variety of different sized offices along with two external clients taking up long-term meeting room usage.

    So why choose Slough? And why are so many diverse companies at different stages of their business relocating or deciding to start their journey here?

    Firstly, location is very important to make any business or meeting successful. You need to research where your target audience is located and how you will connect with them. If at any time you need to invite any visitors to meet you or you need to get to an external meeting how will you or they travel there?

    Regal Court is a great choice for businesses who want to be close to their clients based in Slough and the surrounding area. Here at Regal Court we are a seven-minute walk from the main line train station, bus station and 15-minute drive from Heathrow Airport, plus we have good access to the M4/M25.

    Once you have found your ideal location it is all about presentation; the look you want your business to have. Our long-term client Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy has had a successful journey here at Regal Court Business Centre. He has been with us since 2011 and it has been a great honour watching his company and clientele grow.

    “Regal Court is an ideal centre for any business, small or large. Since I’ve had an office here, my business is flourishing, because of the high standard of professional services provided to my clients. Cleanliness and maintenance are of a very high standard. This centre always welcomes all my visitors with a smile and respect. I am very pleased with the efforts and courtesy of staff, who are highly trained and supervised by the centre manager,” said tenant Dr Sharma.

    Furthermore, an important factor that many companies neglect to consider is the infrastructure of their network. It is important to make sure the building has adequate electrical and telecommunication services which are completely flexible to meet your current and future needs.

    Working online and on a computer is now nearly vital to run a business in order to keep you connected with the current news and updates. It is important to know the different security packages that are available to keep you protected from your serviced office provider.

    At Regal Court we have many different options that clients can opt for to protect their company online. Just one of the ways is Intrusion Prevention Service – IPS uses continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols to provide real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows. Knowing what is available and utilising these security protocols on your business protects you and your business.

    Regal Court IT manager Bob Sampson said: “With the rapidly evolving technological landscape, I specialise in network and security architecture to aid companies in leveraging maximum gain while reducing their threat exposure. Cyber security is becoming a bigger part of every company’s agenda, and I use a broad history of successful implementations across a range of organisations, with extensive network design, to increase efficiency and protection.”

    With all this in mind, these are just some of the reasons why our clients come to Regal Court Business Centre. So why not start your journey here and see your business come alive?

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