Regus announces investment in Oxford

    As Oxford is recognised as the third fastest growing economy in the UK*, flexible workspace provider, Regus, announces significant investment in the region.

    With centres in Oxford Science Park and Oxford Business Park, Regus has responded to growing demand for flexible workspace in the region, by improving the facilities at each centre. This has included adding areas which facilitate collaboration and the opportunity to meet with others, in recognition that both the Science and Business parks are rich with networking opportunities.

    The Oxford Business Park Centre is located in Oxford’s premier business district, just 40 minutes’ drive from London. The park offers a thriving environment for businesses working in a range of sectors including engineering, electronics, telecommunications and government agencies. Over 45 local and international companies and 4,000 people are based there.

    The Oxford Science Park was founded on principles of collaboration and partnership. Created to provide an influential science, technology and business environment for more than 2,500 people in over 70 companies. A magnet for biotech and IT companies, the Science Park has proved to be a hub for innovation, driving growth in science-based businesses in particular.

    Richard Morris, UK CEO of Regus, said: “We have an exciting offer in Oxford, with two top of the range centres located in key business areas. As businesses recognise the financial and strategic benefits of flexible workspace, we’ve seen increased demand in the city. Our response is to make sure these centres cater to every need of businesses in the region, and continue to support and foster innovation and collaboration in this globally renowned city.”    

    The growth of Regus is demonstrable that slowly but surely the way in which we think about offices, how we work, and productivity, has been changing. It seems that we are now approaching a tipping point – and the results of this will transform the working experience for millions of people. For smart businesses, this is a revolution that will create competitive advantage, cut costs and help attract and retain talent.

    With the right partner, this workspace revolution can bring benefits to smart businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to large, international businesses.

    For large businesses, above all flexible workspace provides agility. A business can move people into a new market quickly and take them out again when required. They can position their people close to their suppliers. They can do all of this without committing to long leases and expensive relocation costs.

    For start-ups the benefits are immediate. An entrepreneur can focus on growing their business, rather than spending time and money on real-estate leases. They also have peace of mind that all the things that are expected of every professional business are provided for – best-in-class IT, security and telecommunications capabilities. Having a professional space where they can bring potential customers and partners for meetings is also of great value for small businesses.

    For start-ups with a handful of employees, establishing their own professional community – a network with whom they can talk, brainstorm new ideas and forge new relationships is another key advantage.

    Flexible working is effective at every level of a business. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach wouldn’t work for every aspect of a successful business. For too long, however, this is exactly the approach most businesses have taken for their offices.

    As demand gathers pace, flexible workspace is continuing to drive business growth and fuel burgeoning economies like Oxford’s. The workspace revolution is coming. Smart businesses will start planning for it now.

    *According to UK Powerhouse, a study produced by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, Spring 2018

    Regus, Oxford Science Park

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