Retaining positive customer relationships

    Young entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere have been telling us lately that the pace of change brought about by e-commerce, social media and greater customer expectations has sometimes been overwhelming. If this is you, reframe it and look at the opportunities. Our HWYE competitors have

    Last year’s successful HWYE finalists, judges and speakers

    The key point to remember is that while we’re going through fast change in some respects, human nature remains largely the same. Your customers still experience the range of human emotions so help them feel positive ones.

    This means that if you want to build and retain strong customer relationships you should focus first and foremost on really understanding your customers and communicating with them regularly. No two businesses are the same so ensure that you treat each with respect and be ready to provide them with the best service to suit them, at the right time. Only by really listening to a customer’s requirements can you start to see where you could add true value and strengthen your relationship.

    Putting the customer at the heart of everything you do should be a companywide strategy but it’s amazing how this can be sidelined when trying to meet business objectives and targets, especially as a company grows.


    Go back to basics and invest in training where needed so that all your staff integrate this focus on the customer into every aspect of their daily work. Then you’ll start to enjoy the success engendered by having long-lasting, solid customer relationships.

    We’re meeting our finalists for this year’s Haines Watts Young Entrepreneur competition on November 16 and will be hearing how they nurture their customer relationships.

    More on the HWYE competition next month.

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