The cloud transformation journey continues


    In an increasingly digitally driven world, the need to adapt and change quickly is a pre-requisite. The adoption of cloud computing has helped to significantly boost employee efficiency and productivity, but now, as the transformation journey continues, many companies are moving to a hybrid approach to increase their agility.

    IT analyst Gartner* has said that: “Hybrid architectures will become the footprints that enable organisations to extend beyond their data centres and into cloud services.” According to Gartner IT spending for cloud-based offerings is also expected to grow faster than traditional (non-cloud) IT offerings through 2022 and that cloud ‘shift’ across key enterprise IT markets will increase to 28%, up from 19% in 2018. They warned that “Organisations without a cloud-first strategy — where the cloud is primary, prioritised and promoted — will likely fall behind competitors,” said Santhosh Rao research director.

    Improved productivity, customer service and overall operational effectiveness have driven many businesses to consider the benefits of the cloud. The goal of a hybrid approach is to deliver the right blend of cloud-based resources for your organisation to improve agility and maximise technology utilisation. And, with increasingly disparate IT applications and systems more companies are turning to a hybrid architecture to deliver a blend between traditional computing, private and public cloud. However, to achieve the right balance you need to consider your starting point. What level of integration, implementation, maintenance and support is needed on a BAU basis? Is this something that you can resource and ultimately deliver internally to support the business goals?

    Cloud is enabling a wide range of companies to outsource their IT and Nouveau has extensive experience and expertise to help. It offers initial cloud readiness assessments, design to support your migration to the cloud followed by understanding the security implications. After identifying the best mixture of on-premise and/or cloud solutions, it can then wrap these into a managed services model.  As Windows 7 comes to the end of support this may be an opportunity to make an initial foray into the options of transitioning to the cloud. 

    Over the years public cloud has seen tremendous growth, offering easy access to company information and applications, it also comes with responsibility. There is a misconception that if data is in the public cloud it is protected, but the reality is that there is a strong element of shared responsibility for most of the public cloud offerings and you are ultimately responsible for security ‘in’ the cloud, while providers are responsible for the security ‘of’ the cloud.

    You are obviously responsible for your data, but also other elements of the platform, they include: applications identity, access management, operating system, network and firewall control and configuration. You will also need to manage client-side, server-side and network authentication. With a growing number of cyber-attacks there is a strong argument for ensuring that you utilise two-factor authentication 2FA (while many are already moving to multi-factor authentication) as secure access to the data and services is ultimately your responsibility.

    Nouveau can deploy a hybrid model that enables you to reduce your infrastructure management, deploy services quickly and with more predictable monthly fixed costs. And, as you continue your transformation journey you can scale your requirements up or down to suit your business needs. Operating in a cloud environment can also help you to manage risk; Nouveau can create a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan and help set up a remote working environment.

    Although cloud providers offer robust security, Nouveau can help you to implement additional managed cloud security measures for your applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 email, providing additional peace of mind. If you are accessing a third-party public cloud, such as Azure, it can also help to set up, configure, and monitor your mail security, application firewall and overall policy management – helping you to reduce your operational risk.

    Nouveau can design, configure, and maintain multiple cloud solutions, interfacing between your on-premise hardware and public cloud-managed services to maximise the benefits for your organisation. Whether entirely cloud-based, or a mixture of on-premise, or both, Nouveau can help. It also provides a range of managed services to help you manage your virtual network. If you are investigating what cloud options right for your business, Nouveau is well-positioned to offer consultancy, advice and ongoing support.


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