Traditional servers and public cloud create tech headaches for businesses

    Businesses that rely on servers or have moved resources to the public cloud face growing challenges, says Tahmid Ahmed, sales and marketing manager at IT services provider Support on the Spot.

    Technology niggles can quickly transform into major headaches for any business that relies on data, storage and software. These are five of the main threats for users of old-school server hardware or the public cloud:

    1  Cyber security meltdown

    Cyber breaches are a constant risk. Maintaining adequate security levels to prevent and deter cyber attacks can be difficult and expensive.

    2  An inflexible resource

    Servers are inflexible when you need to add operating capacity quickly. A public cloud service isn’t always easy to scale up or down to match your business needs.

    3  Paying for tech you don’t need

    Server upgrades can be expensive and need regularly to match business growth. In the public cloud, you could be paying for space or services you neither need nor use.

    4  Disaster recovery, or just disastrous?

    It could take hours for an engineer to arrive on site and fix a server problem. If your public cloud account goes haywire, would you have the technical ability to sort simple issues yourself rather than wait for support?

    5  Not enough IT staff to fight all your fires

    Investing in extra IT staff to maintain mission-critical tech infrastructure can be punishingly expensive. If multiple problems hit simultaneously, your IT team might be over stretched.


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