Gosport: First Lean Academy launches July 4 by Fedden USP

The Lean Academy, launched and run by Gosport-based lean business specialists Fedden USP in conjunction with MIT Skills, is running its first programme starting on July 4 in Southampton. 

The programme is designed for companies looking to make improvements within the workplace that will make a real difference to overall efficiency and profit levels. It aims to train individuals to become lean champions and facilitators geared with the life-long skills, knowledge and confidence required to make significant changes that will benefit businesses in their continuous improvement.

Neil Fedden, principal consultant at Fedden-USP, said: “Businesses that want to excel in today’s competitive climate need to look at ways of improving their bottom line performance, lead times, productivity levels, customer service levels and workplace organisation. But perhaps more importantly, they need to review how to sustain those improvements and continue to make changes that benefits the organisation, its people and its end-users.”

The 12-month off-site course is carried out over one-day per month, and allows like-minded individuals to learn the practical application of lean principles together, while sharing ideas in a fun and creative environment.

It comprises five days on the theory of lean and continuous improvement followed by eight days’ mentoring support to help participants deliver three improvement projects within their own business.

“If successful in one of the projects, for example with typical company savings in excess of £30,000 per annum, a nationally-recognised qualification will be awarded,” said Fedden.