Guest blog: What are the safety risks of worn tyres?

People who continue to drive on worn down tyres are putting their safety at risk. Even worse, partially worn tyres can put other road users and pedestrians in danger, especially if you cannot stop in time when braking.

In regional towns, like Shirley in the West Midlands, most of the roads have a speed limit of 30mph. However, even when you are driving beneath this level, worn tyres may mean failing to stop when you otherwise would have done. What risks are you facing unless you exchange them for new ones?

Risk of blowouts

Even when your tyres have sufficient tread on them to last a few more months, they are more likely to burst than new ones. Driving at high speed on the motorway and running over a small pebble can be all that is needed to cause a catastrophic blowout or a full loss of control of your car.

Air leakage

Worn tyres won’t hold their pressure in the same way as newer ones. This means that you could have a reduced level of grip as your tyre splays out on the tarmac when you drive. Particularly when cornering, this may lead to a loss of traction meaning that you could spin off into the direction of oncoming traffic.


In the UK, we experience lots of rain, some of which will sit on a road’s surface until it drains. In such circumstances, even reasonably good tyres are likely to hydroplane as they cannot shift sufficient amounts of standing water. If you don’t want to skid, then it is best to have plenty of tread depth so your tyres cut through to the tarmac.

Delaying an overdue change of tyres is dangerous and can prove to be lethal and we shouldn’t put our lives at risk in order to save a few bucks. So, if you live in or near Shirley then you can order tyres online at Plume Tyres and get them delivered to your doorstep.