Harwell: AgaMatrix launches innovative health app

A medical device company that has already saved the NHS £8.5 million promises to deliver further savings with the launch of an innovative new diabetes care app to help patients monitor blood glucose, carbohydrates, insulin dosage and weight.

AgaMatrix Europe, based at Harwell Innovation Centre located at Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire, has developed the WaveSense JAZZ Wireless; a blood glucose meter that automatically syncs glucose results to the AgaMatrix App and enables patients to share their data with family members or healthcare professionals in just seconds.  

Alec Winton, general manager, AgaMatrix Europe, said: “Good diabetes management has been shown to reduce the risk of complications, but when not well managed, diabetes is associated with serious conditions including heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney disease.   AgaMatrix has been at the forefront of developing connected solutions for diabetes management and we will continue to take an innovative approach by working closely with Oxford University on further app developments.”

According to stats released by Diabetes UK in 2016, there’s an estimated 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK and around 700 people a day are diagnosed, the equivalent of one person every two minutes.

AgaMatrix Europe is already helping hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and started-up nearly ten years ago taking just two small offices at Harwell Innovation Centre. The company now employs 27 people and Harwell Innovation Centre has become its European headquarters.

Winton added: “Our Oxfordshire location is vital for business development in terms of attracting and retaining employees, and links to the University for future innovation, in addition to creating a central hub that is within easy reach of the rest of the UK and Europe. The team at Harwell Innovation Centre has been fantastic at supporting our growth and have helped to facilitate relationships with like-minded businesses, creating potential for future collaborations.”

Harwell Innovation Centre is located at the prestigious Harwell Campus, South Oxfordshire, a UK Enterprise Zone and in the heart of Science Vale UK. Home for numerous discoveries and world firsts, Harwell Campus is one of the biggest scientific and technology communities of its kind in Europe.

Dianne Heath, centre director of Harwell and Culham Innovation Centres, said: “Alec and his team have been with us for nearly 10 years. There is a natural synergy between AgaMatrix and many of our customers who represent the life sciences and healthcare sector. Being located at Harwell places them alongside key national facilities and world-leading experts that work closely with industry.”

Harwell Campus hosts a series of events called Connect Harwell, enabling campus residents to exchange ideas with new and innovative connections in addition to accelerating commercialisation by linking academia, industry, investors and non-profits on site.

Harwell Innovation Centre is managed by Oxford Innovation, the UK’s leading operator of business and innovation centres.  The centre has just over 25,000 sq. ft. of office space and accommodation ranging from 100 sq. ft. to 1,700 sq. ft.  The centre has business facilities and a commercial infrastructure to support over 60 companies, from single entrepreneurs to expanding businesses.