Henley-on-Thames: Marloe Watch Company opens crowdfunding campaign

Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wrist watches based in Henley-on-Thames, England.Taking their name from the neighbouring town of Marlow, they created Marloe to reinvigorate the world of mechanical timepieces. Their inspiration and focus has always been on bringing traditional engineering precision and beautiful British design to contemporary mechanical timepieces.

The two co-founders of Marloe, Oliver Goffe and Gordon Fraser, have built this niche British brand from grass roots level. Goffe, a former head of marketing and Fraser, a visionary industrial designer, are responsible for the entire process; from design to marketing and running their successful ecommerce platform. Their vision has and will always be to bring something fresh to the crowded watch market while offering a customer experience like no other; something which has earned them an exceptional reputation and highly-engaged customers.

It is the very same group of customers who are now being invited, along with interested members of the public, to become part-owners of Marloe Watch Company. By opening a round of investment on the FCA-approved platform Crowdcube, Marloe will present any interested party with the unique opportunity to invest anything from £10 upwards for a proportionate share in the equity of the company, along with exclusive rewards, gifts and privileges, including special Shareholder Edition watches.

“In addition to raising capital through Crowdcube, we’re here to build a community of like-minded people, who feel passionately about what we do, and the success of it. With their help, we can become the first ever customer-owned watch brand”, said Goffe.

With this round of investment, Marloe are aiming to quadruple their turnover to £1.5 million within three years. They plan to double their manufacturing capacity to bring more new ranges to their customers, as well as increase their marketing and PR budget to allow them to expand their reach across the globe. Their longer-term goal is to bring elements of watchmaking back to Britain; a move which requires significant investment, but if achieved could help to develop the watch manufacturing landscape in Britain. They also already have an exciting pipeline of new products, including a dive watch to be released later this year, as well as the successor to their celebrated Lomond range, a new Chronoscope, coming in early 2020.