Maidenhead: Focus on a growing business centre

It may be the constituency of outgoing prime minister Theresa May, but there’s little else about Maidenhead that you would consider past-it. Indeed, with the prospect of Maidenhead becoming a Western station on the London tube map, once Crossrail has arrived, the attractiveness of the town will grow.

Trains from London to Maidenhead used to, in Victorian times, bring weekenders to the riverside town for some diversion from the city smog. But now the commuter belt is only part of Maidenhead’s allure, it is a business centre in its own right – home to innovative companies and quality professionals.
It’s all about regeneration now – with construction currently underway at the town’s first regeneration site, and much more in the pipeline.
To focus on Maidenhead and its economy, The Business Magazine plans a special feature in the Sept/Oct double-issue.
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