Oxford: Isis Innovation to host bioscience technology showcase, Med-Tech 2014

Oxford Med-Tech, the Isis Innovation Technology Showcase 2014, takes place this year on September 18 and will highlight the best new technology opportunities from Oxford University and its partners, including sought-after brain mapping software and pioneering organ preservation technology.

Aimed at start-up CEOs, investors, academic entrepreneurs, innovation managers, local and international technology companies, Med-tech is one of the biggest contributors to the vibrancy of the Oxford bioscience community, which employs over 8,000 people. With the latest City Deal (expected to be worth over £1 billion when private funding is included), MedCity investment and a double-digit growth rate, Oxford’s bioscience cluster is a key part of the South East’s technology economy.

The University of Oxford and its spin-outs have contributed enormously to the cluster over the past two decades, with successes such as Oxford Nanopore, Oxford Immunotec, and Immunocore poised to become household names.

Med-Tech is an afternoon of interactive talks and demonstrations highlighting the new stories coming through the Oxford pipeline.  These include:
1.       The ‘most impressive brain-mapping software you’ve never heard of’ – used in over 1,000 hospitals and labs worldwide, and licensed to five of the top-10 global pharma companies this year
2.       An early alarm system which detects new infectious outbreaks in hospitals
3.       With the recent furore over health data and privacy, an Oxford-developed system now allows patients to control and manage consent over how their medical information and tissue samples are used
4.       A phone app that lets doctors and patients monitor their mental health daily, and provides early warnings when intervention is needed
5.       Testing new drugs in-silico – will we soon test drugs for safety and efficacy with computer models rather than in labs or on animals?

The event takes place at Oxford University’s department of pathology, from 1.30-6pm.