Reading: C2C enables discovery and disposal of ‘dark data’

C2C, a leading provider of email archiving and information management solutions, has announced that its new release of PST Enterprise now offers enhancements designed to satisfy enterprise-level client requirements for eliminating the risk of difficult-to-discover data. 

“Companies looking to consolidate storage, improve compliance and streamline e-discovery, utilise cloud technologies for information management, or migrate to Office 365 have discovered a huge problem – the ‘dark data’ of PST files,” said Dave Hunt, CEO of C2C.

“Large companies are typically shocked when they find upwards of hundreds of thousands of email container files (PST files) which need some level of interrogation, management and ingestion, and their IT projects grind to a halt. Companies who try to do this using manpower alone are quickly overwhelmed by the inherent complexities of PST management. These are exactly the problems that our latest PST Enterprise release has been engineered to solve.”

In Fortune 1000 companies, the problem is even more acute, due to the sheer number of files as well as the multiple servers, locations, and remote users these companies typically support. PST Enterprise 2.4, C2C’s standalone product designed to identify, migrate, and ultimately eliminate PST files, is able to query all the enterprise’s servers and laptops, and automatically apply retention policies to emails within PST files in advance of migrating or moving these files.