Solent 250 listing 2020

Despite political and economic uncertainty, the Solent region continues to show resilience, and the 250 highlights the important contribution the area makes to UK GDP.

Figures from RSM analysts show:

The total combined turnover of businesses within the Solent 250 grew by 13.6% this year, from £15.4 billion to £17.5b. Indeed, we are approaching a potential milestone with the acquisition by Hendy Holdings of Westover Group, which is likely to give us a new number 1 in the near future with turnover of over £1b alone.

Turnover of number 250 rose from £13.5 million in 2019 to £17m in 2020, showing the general growth in businesses within the population.

Businesses in the Solent 250 employed an additional 4,800 people, increasing to total employment of over 108,000.

Southampton led in terms of location of businesses in the Solent 250 with 45 companies headquartered in the city, followed by Poole (24) and Portsmouth (20).

Largest sectors were retail (55), followed by manufacturing (45) and construction (36). On a subsector level, the motor vehicle industry led with 16 companies in the region.

We saw an unprecedented number of transactions in the year demonstrating the calibre of Solent 250 businesses, a fact not lost on investors. Over 10 businesses sold out of the Solent 250 in the past year, including SHB Hire, Adams Morey, Lewmar, White Horse Caravan Company and BOFA International. Further partial buyouts where the business still remains within the Solent 250 include Onecom, Shuttercraft and AFC Bournemouth.

The Solent 250, shown below, is an annual listing sponsored by HSBC UK, Irwin Mitchell, RSM and CMA Recruitment Group, and compiled by The Business Magazine using recognised data sources such as Companies House and FAME. To be included, businesses need to be independent, private companies, headquartered in the Solent region.

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