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Level Up – concentrate on what makes your business a success and leave the admin and finance to the professionals.

Start-ups in any sphere – tech, media, digital or modern engineering – are so often limited in growth. These limitations, whether through financial or physical space constraints, can be quite debilitating as companies need to ensure that they can accommodate, afford, expand and keep their employees, often in skillsets they are unfamiliar with such as back office support staff.

Staff need training, managing and motivating and the business needs a robust framework to manage workflow.

Have you thought about using a ‘super team’ to get you ahead and look after the housekeeping?

Bright Ledge is here to help.

The fully formed, internationally experienced team of UK-based, admin and finance professionals promise to allow your business to grow and thrive.

They can help to invest in processes and procedures from day one that are scalable, essential for growth and provide flexibility to meet current business needs. Increased credit control when needed, PA support, diary management together with planning, business strategies and enhanced sales admin and more as needs change.

In addition, partnering with funding companies allows Bright Ledge, headquartered at Henley-on-Thames, to prepare your business for growth and support you through any funding route you may take at a time that is right for your business, whether crowdfunding or more traditional lending.

Bright Ledge can support your business and be part of the team, without the obvious disadvantages but with all the plus points. It’s about creating a structure that suits the individual business and puts the emphasis on the tasks that need to be completed.

Entrepreneurs and leadership teams can focus on what they do best, knowing that the
important tasks of financial performance and future planning are accessible.

Bright Ledge says its employees are digitally savvy using cloud-based software and communication hubs to stay involved in the businesses they are supporting and keeping up to date on sector trends.

Why not give them a call today?

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Tel : 01491 714045