South: Conference call specialist rebrands as Babl Cloud

Speakserve, which began as a start-up in Basingstoke, has rebranded as Babl Cloud.

Since 2002, Speakserve has been raising the bar in the conference calling industry, ‘leading the way in innovation, personality and thought’.  

Speakserve, a conference call and remote meetings SaaS provider that connects business professionals with high quality voice calls, has now announced the company’s rebranding in response to accelerated growth and a renewal of its corporate positioning as a complete video, audio and web collaboration solution.

At the heart of this is a change of the company name to Babl Cloud and an upgraded company logo that represents a more bold and modern approach.

For nearly two decades, the original Speakserve logo has carried the company from a start-up in the heart of Basingstoke to a global, recognisable brand with a worldwide presence. The new logo is called The Cloud. It represents ‘bold ambition and the unrelenting drive to improve’, moving services to a cloud-based solution and away from old server type services.

In the past year, the company has doubled in size and tripled in revenue.

Jonathan Grant, CEO, said of the rebrand: “It’s a new chapter in our history. We wanted a new brand that was synonymous with the cloud collaboration technology business that we have now become and with Babl, our mission is to empower business professionals to meet, converse, collaborate and succeed with our technology at their fingertips, wherever they are working from.”

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