South: Inserts outperforming other marketing channels, says Howse Jackson

Howse Jackson Marketing, one of the UK’s leading brand partnership agencies, has released a new insert whitepaper examining the performance of inserts compared to other media and marketing channels. 

The results make for absorbing reading, showing that when planned correctly, inserts can consistently outperform other media in terms of ROI.

The reasons are multi-fold but one key factor is the cost of insert production, which in terms of media and print is significantly below most other channels. This combination of low production costs tied to respectable response rates ensures that inserts are often able to out-perform many other marketing channels.

Other factors examined in the whitepaper are the insert techniques used by specialist insert media planners that can significantly raise response rates. These include co-branded inserts, little-used niche insert channels such as invoices and statements, as well as integrated campaigns with other media.

Nick Howse, managing director of Howse Jackson Marketing, said: “This new whitepaper has been written to share our many years of insert planning experience and provide in-depth guidance to brands looking at this media channel. Inserts still perform exceedingly well when planned properly and our new whitepaper outlines many of the strategies we have implemented to stunning effect in terms of ROI.”