Southampton: Author is keynote speaker at upcoming AI conference

Acclaimed author, inventor and innovator Lyndsay Herbert has been announced as keynote speaker for the South’s first major conference on Artificial Intelligence next month. AI IN ACTION will take place on September 11 at Southampton Science Park.

Herbert is the author of Digital Transformation which has received international praise for its practical framework on how to drive major change through innovation at enterprise scale. She is also an IBM inventor and the innovation leader for IBM iX where she advises the leaders of major companies on how to further their innovation agendas, as well as creating breakthrough technologies for IBM itself.

Herbert has also been appointed by mayor of London Sadiq Khan as a governor for the Museum of London to help inform the Museum’s digital transformation journey. In her talks, Herbert’s innovation lessons are brought to life with her own insider experiences, as well as inspiring stories from company leaders around the world. Audiences leave empowered and ready to drive real innovations in their own organisations.

Herbert said: When companies claim to be focusing on the ‘digital experience’ of their users, the majority are just making tweaks to the digital versions of their existing products and services. This means that major challenges remain unsolved, threats grow and staff feel less relevant as terms like ‘AI’ and ‘Big Data’ get bandied about as the answers to the truly big, scary problems. Most assume that these technologies are best left to computer scientists, but I disagree.

“I believe that real digital transformation is about learning to become more adaptive to change itself. Success comes from the ability to react to the small and early signs of change, leveraging data, technology and new ways of working along the way. In my session at AI IN ACTION this autumn, I’ll reveal lessons from those that are succeeding in real innovations that tackle the big, scary problems. Learning from their successes, event delegates will leave with the critical actions that they can follow to get real innovation working to solve problems in their own organisations.” 

The first major conference on the topic of artificial intelligence to be held in the South, AI IN ACTION is relevant to anyone who has a commercial interest in artificial intelligence, whether expert or newcomer to the potential of this technical revolution.