Thames Valley: Specialist Accounting Solutions launch chapter preview of new report

The Next Step – How ambitious businesses can achieve their potential. 

SASWhat is the biggest challenge for any independently-owned company which has the potential to go further?  It is the ability of the owners to scale the business.

Starting up and getting to a position where the company demonstrates the potential to develop real significance is achievable with an almost intuitive approach. Scaling a business isn’t.

Thames Valley-based accounting firm Specialist Accounting Solutions has commissioned and co-authored a new series of interviews with entrepreneurs to identify the real issues which will determine the level of success the owner-manager can attain. These include overcoming challenges and crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the barriers to growth in terms of vision, company resources, being able to further professionalise the business, and how all these can be addressed successfully.

This report will speak the language of the owner-manager, and address their actual trials and tribulations, hopes and aspirations. With so many businesses facing similar challenges, founders and directors of SMEs will find these interviews particularly inspiring and insightful. The first chapter is available on Specialist Accounting Solutions website – click here.