Wallingford: Expansion makes Fugro lab largest of its kind in the world

Today is the official opening of what Fugro believes is the largest commercial laboratory of its sort in the world.

The company, which tests soil dynamics, has invested in excess of £1 million on increasing the capacity of its laboratory through expansion and state-of-the-art equipment.

Floorspace has been increased by 50%; the number of laboratory technicians has gone up by 25% – and plans are afoot for further employment; and new facilities are expected to increase the throughput of the laboratory by 50%.

Fugro’s investment, which will benefit the company and its clients as well as the community, has been made to meet an expected increase in demand for marine renewables over the next few years; along with the significant increase in number of samples taken from offshore wind farm developments, and keeping abreast of Fugro’s existing oil and gas business around the globe.

Currently Fugro tests 15-20 projects at any one time, with samples coming from all parts of Europe, West and East Africa and the Middle East, along with seven offshore wind developments.