Why SIP trunks are perfect for multi-site business communication

No longer brand new, but certainly currently a popular method of communication, SIP trunks for business are becoming more popular year on year. As more businesses move away from the standard ISDN network, SIP trunks provide the ideal solution for delivering effective communication both in and out of the business.

However, many businesses still hesitate to make the switch – particularly those that operate across different sites. Here’s why it’s not simply single-location businesses that can benefit from this incredible, modern method of communication.

Save money on calls and line rental

Of course, when it comes to cost, any saving would make the service beneficial to any business. On average, the money saved in line rental is up to 50%, while the cost saved on calls is still a substantial 25% when compared to standard ISDN. However, with an unlimited number of channels available for large businesses, multi-site organisations won’t have to keep forking out for extra line rental fees.


Free calls between sites and offices

Also, to ensure that those all-important internal communications can continue across different sites, multi-site businesses can use SIP trunks to call other members of their organisation – for free. So, not only will you be saving on your telephone calls anyway, but every time you need a quick update from a faraway colleague, you can spend as much time as you need discussing and resolving the problem.

Flexible for business growth or scaling

Leaving you a lot of room for growth or scaling the business in another direction, SIP trunks provide the ideal solution for businesses that plan (or may plan) to grow or downsize. If you experience busy periods in your business, such as seasonally-influenced fluctuations or regular product releases, you can simply add and remove lines as and when required. Unlike with standard ISDN, you are in complete control of the size of your service at all times.

Far more efficient than ISDN

If your lines encounter a problem, rather than being forced into an unforeseen and potentially costly shutdown, SIP trunks handle emergency incidents simply and effectively. Prepared for disaster with a practical recovery process, you have the ability at your fingertips to reroute calls to an alternative location both quickly and easily.

Ready for the future

Already ideal for applications such as Skype and other video conferencing software, SIP trunks also give businesses the chance to communicate face-to-face – even at a distance. According to Forbes, 68% of businesspeople believe that video conferencing offers many of the benefits of face-to-face communication.

Therefore, even within your own multi-site organisation, every employee is only the click of a button away from any other. With this method of communication set to become even more popular in the next few years, you can expect that, if you don’t begin to use video conferencing regularly, people may expect you to do so regardless.

Finally, and with the future still very much in mind, SIP trunks are already equipped for the holy trinity of business communications – voice, data and video – to converge and travel along the same unified network. If you stick with ISDN, you’ll never get to feel this benefit within your business communications network.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.